Trimming / Polishing / Finishing

Once the aluminium or zinc die cast component is ejected from the machine, there are small tags of the parent material which are created when the molten material is forced into the die. These then need to be removed as the next part of the process. 

As part of Diecast Australia’s 'end to end’ solution we have the capability to ensure the end product is finished and ready for sale.

Some after casting processes are;

  • Linishing
  • Hand Fettling
  • Pressing
  • Polishing
  • Deburring


Depending on the level of finish that is required for the component, Diecast Australia has a range of polishing treatments with varying grit which creates a relevant lustre on the product.

We have a range of machines which vary from;

  • Vibratory Polishing and Deburring Machine
  • Tumbler Machine


To ensure all of the details of the finish are as per your requirement, we fully scope out the requirement in the initial quoting process. In this way every detail is taken care of, delivering a premium product to your customers. 

To learn more about how your next zinc or aluminium die casting production run could look, send your request for a quotation or reach out to us.