Quality Assurance

Die casting is synonymous with precision, quality and durability, and we're proud to say that our heritage and reputation is all about these qualities.

Our values of;

“Honesty, Transparency, Integrity, Quality and Continuous Improvement”

connect though our internal processes to deliver on High Quality, Continuity, Reliability, Service and Price.



Diecast Australia believes in focusing on the small things, the little details at each step of the process.  It’s this attention to detail that creates world class and industry leading quality.  

Internally with over 100 years of cumulative experience, there are a lot of processes you learn over time and through experience.

Providing an 'end to end’ solution allows Diecast Australia to have checks and measures at each point of the process where anomalies or production issues can be detected resolved and enhanced.

We are more than happy to discuss your quality requirements at our Quoting Stage.

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