Product Engineering

The first step of the die cast manufacturing process is Product Engineering. The client company may have an idea about what they would like to create to fit the purpose they require. However, in many cases they lack the experience and knowledge to optimise the production process and the Fit, Form and Function of the component being created. 

Diecast Australia partners with clients both potential and existing. This is to add value to the production process by optimising the given designs so the product is going to perform durably and reliably over its lifecycle and serve the purpose as intended.

Our internal team has years of experience in this process, potentially reducing component cost, improving production times and enhance product quality, ensuring the die cast product is fit for purpose.


Once the product has been optimised we can move onto the Die Casting dies. Critical factors in this part of the process are designing the dies to produce a superior product and have durability over time with minimal loss of tolerance.

When premium materials and clever engineering are used in combination to create die casting dies, the net result is closer tolerances over a greater number of units with less maintenance. This can save you money over the life of the dies and lowers the cost per unit.

We create our own die casting dies to ensure they are of the highest standard possible. 

As with all production processes there is wear and tear to the aluminium and zinc die casting dies. Through their lifecycle we have a maintenance team that has years of experience tweaking, repairing and enhancing dies to maximise their production life.

If you have an aluminium or zinc die casting project, we would be more than happy to discuss the preliminary steps with you. Feel welcome to reach out to us for a quote or advice.

Discuss your next production run and how we can find operational efficiencies, product optimisation and cost savings. Contact us for a quote or to discuss your needs…