Powder Coating

Everyday your brand rides on the fact that you have provided over time, superior products fit for purpose, form and function.

One element you have to be across is the visual impact of your product. This visual impact can be critical in being chosen at a consumer level.  Let’s face it, people don’t like buying products that look unfinished, untidy or damaged. People consume products visually first, so that makes Powder Coating to be the most important aspect of finishing during production.  



Consumers also need to know their favourite or chosen product is going to stand the test of time. No use buying something on Monday that looks great but 3 months later the coatings are falling off it and ends up as a warranty return to your office.

As part of our commitment to crafting superior looking and performing products for our customers, we have a full commercial grade 5 stage powder coating plant in-house.

Depending on your requirement and the application of the product the powder coating process can be tailored to ensure your products good looks are not just skin deep. For example: You may require 500 salt hour durability.

Some of the finishes we can provide for your aluminium or zinc die cast product are;

  • Anti-Graffiti Finish
  • Anti-Marring Finish

Powder Coating is also more environmentally friendly than painting, requiring less chemicals and equipment.

As part of the scoping process for the production of die cast products, we ensure that the colour of the powder coating matches that of the brand guidelines and ensures that every aspect of the visual appeal and connection to brand is maintained.

For technical specifications on our powder coating and to discuss what your aluminium or zinc die casting project is, make sure you reach out to us.