Materials (Aluminium/Zinc)

When die casting zinc and die casting aluminium it's critical to ensure that material quality is of optimum standard.

We’re  sure you would agree that if you spent a huge amount of time in designing a superior performing product from an engineering and production perspective, then using the best possible dies and equipment to produce a part, then only to have it fail in service because of poor materials, would be embarrassing and totally unacceptable.   

It’s a very real risk when having components produced overseas. Corners may be cut in in terms of material quality for price reasons, or the quality control around the process is lacking. When high volume superior quality components are required, then material quality absolutely has to be right.

Diecast Australia has learnt that in critical industries like the Medical profession and Automotive, where lives can be put at risk from poor quality materials, only the best will do.

That’s why all of our aluminium and zinc products are chemically certified and made to Australian and International specifications. This gives you the peace of mind that the material will have exactly the mechanical and physical properties needed for the design and functional specification of your product.



It’s this attention to detail and depth of experience you receive when you partner with Diecast Australia.

Common materials we die cast are;

  • CA 313 Aluminium
  • CA 401 Aluminium
  • CA 605 Aluminium

Die casting aluminium and die casting zinc products so they will have a long and durable life cycle requires having the correct production process, knowledge and experience and materials to assure a profitable, reliable and consistent outcome

To learn more about our process  or if you would like to scope out what materials you might be using or what your next product might be, contact us to learn more.