In the last 20 years there has been a massive shift to a globalised production workforce. With the emergence of China and other parts of Asia as a manufacturing powerhouse, being part of the global family is a must.

Having the ability to collaborate across countries has been a great advantage for Diecast Australia. Having a one stop 'end to end' medium to large production capability allows medium to large companies to create cost efficiencies while maintaining all of the quality and repeatability hallmarks of successful brands.

Overseas companies are looking to Australian Die Casting companies because they have shown leadership and innovation within the Die Casting industry.


Some examples of this are;

  • Creating an 'end to end’ complete production solution.
  • Innovating product engineering to create complex shapes in products that were thought impossible by a lot of other companies.
  • Quality, pricing and finish are superior.
  • Value chain enhancements to maximise client side profitability.


Diecast Australia has been pioneering these sorts of enhancements which have been received favourably from OEM and Non OEM companies in Europe, Thailand, New Zealand, America, China, South Africa and many more.

To join our global movement to create superior aluminium and zinc die cast products, or to learn more about how our 'end to end’ value chain can increase your profitability, contact us.