For every company these days’ logistics is either a nightmare or a competitive advantage. Being able to effectively house and move your products around Australia or even the globe is critical to the success of your business.

Having product on time and in the right place so stock levels are not depleted is essential for a successful business.

For Diecast Australia,'end to end' does not relate exclusively to the production process. That's why we've incorporated a logistic component to product delivery.


'End to end' means to us that when a die cast aluminium or zinc product has been shipped to the correct destination or destinations to the satisfaction of our client, we can call that job finished.

Regularly we are customising shipping and in some cases provide storage for a small number of client’s products so demand can be met in a timely, and quality fashion.

Diecast Australia ships; State-wide, Australia Wide and Globally. In some cases, sending products to Europe, Thailand, New Zealand, America, China, South Africa and many more.


Shipping can also be customised to ship to your warehouse, depot or various branches in the appropriate numbers.

Imagine that you give Diecast Australia the order, we produce, finish and ship the product for you. For us, that is what 'end to end’ is all about, you outsourcing the whole value chain to us and leveraging your profitability though our competencies.

To learn more how we can die cast your aluminium or zinc product and manage your logistics,take the opportunity to contact us and we can develop a plan to suit your budget and technical requirements.