In our vision for a complete 'end to end’ solution for our clients, it was pretty clear our product assembly had to be on the agenda. For most of our clients and from what we could see in the marketplace, there was a gap for a company to take on these types of tasks to add value to our die casting services. 

As a result Diecast Australia set out to be a complete `end to end’ aluminium and zinc die casting solution, taking on the critical however labour intensive and fiddly tasks of assembling components making them ready for market.



We have developed an internal competency which adds value for the client, allowing our customers to outsource. The net result is that our customers don’t need;

  • Expensive internal resources, with sick leave, holidays and other associated costs.
  • Factory space to house the production process.
  • Maintenance cost.
  • Expensive machinery.
  • Teams of people to manage the sourcing materials, components and storage for the same.
  • Quality control,etc.,

As you would already know, the cost of doing business today is met by the dynamic tension of reduced price points. The key benefit here is that your completed die cast component is completed as a fixed price per unit delivered to your warehouse or sales outlet, so the more you sell the more profit you make.

By taking advantage of our assembly teams’ capabilities you’ll be able to reduce costs and maximise profit predictably and reliably.   

Regularly our team are assembling products like;

  • Door Locks
  • Pre-drilling Hardware Components

Diecast Australia has multiple state of the art CNC machines used for Machining, Drilling, Tapping and any other required processes required in the product specification.

To discuss your assembly needs or request a quote reach out to us and we can assess what it is that you’re trying to achieve and work out a solution for you.