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Diecast Australia is a complete 'end to end' solution for companies requiring a critical need for outsourcing, part or whole, of a premium quality die cast manufacturing process. We partner with a range of large brand name firms to compliment their product manufacturing capability, giving them greater flexibility and a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Our partners take advantage of our complete production solution, from product design for manufacture process and optimisation, die making, product creation and powder coating, to finishing and shipping. The net result of this means you will not require any of the infrastructure overheads or technical competency in house, saving you time, money and resources.

We have one of the largest range of die casting machines in Australia. Our redundancy gives you peace of mind with D.I.F.O.T. (Delivery In Full On Time).

We believe partnering with us delivers superior products with Quality, Continuity, Reliability, Service and Price.

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Like our products, Diecast Australia’s processes and the way we conduct business have been created by design.
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We have one of the most extensive ranges of Die Casting machines in Australia which gives us flexibility in product creation, added capacity and redundancy as core capabilities. Choose one of our core competencies below...

High Pressure Die Casting

The decision to choose High Pressure Die Casting as a process to manufacture zinc or aluminium components is determined in the product assessment phase...

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Hot/Cold Chamber Casting

Hot and Cold Chamber Die Casting has driven efficiencies demanded by industry over the last 20 years. As a result companies have taken advantage of this process...

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Product Engineering

The first step of the die cast manufacturing process is Product Engineering. The client company may have an idea about what they would like to create to fit the purpose they require...

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In our vision for a complete `end to end’ solution for our clients, it was pretty clear our product assembly had to be on the agenda...

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Powder Coating

Everyday your brand rides on the fact that you have provided over time, superior products fit for purpose, form and function...

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Once the aluminium or zinc die cast component is ejected from the machine, there are small tags of the parent material which are created...

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Diecast Australia is a complete end to end solution for companies requiring a critical need for outsourcing, part or whole, of a premium quality die cast manufacturing process.
Expert Metal Casting
Expert Metal Casting
We have one of the largest ranges of Die Casting machines in Australia, a long history in the industry and exceptional Product Engineering.
Wide Range of Services
Wide Range of Services
Our Mission is to create a complete and comprehensive 'end to end' solution to partner with our clients.
Team of Qualified Staff
Team of Qualified Staff
What sets us apart is the depth and breadth of the experience and skills of our team from Product Development, Manufacturing, Finishing to Logistics.

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